It’s been raining all morning.
I have ordered food.
It’ll be cooked in really good oil.
It’ll be healthy.
Then I’ll eat it.
As the rain pours.
There are blue coloured cars.
Parked below my house.
From my fourth floor window.
I can see that.
The rainy sky reflects in their windshields.
All shiny due to the rain.
I’ll watch the blue and I’ll eat the food.
And I’ll feel happy.
And this is how I’ll pass.
The rest of my days.
Then I’ll be old.
And I’ll be wise.
Learning that I.
Should not have done.
What I did.
And I will breathe.
That last wisp with difficulty.
Wishing I had another one.
I’ll go bravely.
Accepting my fate.
And the world will.
Still have rain.
And the colour blue.
And it’ll all be pretty.
Long after am gone.
Organic Chemistry.
And Maths.