In The Wake Of The Sunset

I sit at Powai Lake promenade, the circular platform at the IIT end. Fishermen are beginning to go back into the lake to gather the nets that were set in the morning. I stare at nothing, the point where the sun set not a half hour ago.

There’s the familiar Powai skyline and the ‘link road’ underlining it. Suddenly, the underscore begins to glow, all on it’s own, it envelops my vision and embraces the lake. The glow dissolves into traffic headlamps and street lights if I try to look at it straight and comes to life again the moment I go back to spying on the sun in the dark sky. It brightens up and becomes a pulsating constant, like the brim of a very wide hat, always on the edge of my vision.

The sparkling glow is a teasing temptation, desire. Look at me and I am gone. I wanted to capture it forever.

At the Powai Lake

At the Powai Lake