Comfortable Strangers

A couple, pregnant wife, sit silently for 20 minutes, hooked to their phones, each almost oblivious of the other, at ease with their reciprocal’s absence, and presence.

Sometime later, the girl points out that her tea-bag is not paper, but, a nice silky one. So nice. He nods, smiles, checks his phone one last time before pocketing it in his knee length tartan striped shorts, then he stands up. His grey t-shirt proclaims him to be deep yet cool. He finishes his fancy coffee.

The girl straightens her back, flips the cover back on her phone and gets up from the sofa. She smiles again, adjusts her striped hoodie, then puts a hand in the pocket of her comfy yoga pants, stepping behind him as he turns away and leads.

They leave the cafe.

He did not even hold the door for her while stepping out.

I write this on a tissue while a lady sits next to me scribbling strange scrawls in a notebook, oblivious of my presence and my absence.

Edit: Polyethylene Terephthalate aka PET aka food grade nylon. My mental spell checker breaks down while writing it. Ph and th in the same word, makes it sound doubly cancerous. She should not be using a tea bag at all. No one seems curious or worried about it. Maybe it’s that corn plastic thing – Poly Lactic Acid, nope still doesn’t sound safe.