The Marvel Way!

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way!

Stan Lee’s books, Richard Williams’ books, Andrew Loomis’ books and The Illusion of Life.

These were some of the books (in increasing order of preference) that fascinated me when I used to do 3D and computer graphics. What little I can draw, I learnt from these books. I remember buying The Illusion of Life for 2,500 rupees when my salary was exactly cannot-afford-it-at-all per month. These books, they were glorious, brilliant, great!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Richard Williams (The animator’s survival kit) and Stan Lee had also done instructional video versions of their books! Where was I? Why had I not seen this before?

The Richard Williams set is a little expensive today (when has that ever been an excuse?…hehe)

Happily enough, the Stan Lee set is available as a set of videos on YouTube. 🙂

Stan Lee and John Buscema made this video in 1988! Makes for really interesting viewing. 🙂

Here’s the complete set of videos:

  1. The Tools and The Terms of The Trade! 
  2. The Secrets of Form! Making An Object Look Real!
  3. The Power of Perspective!
  4. Let’s Study The Figure!
  5. Let’s Draw The Figure!
  6. The Name of the Game is ACTION!
  7. Foreshortening! Drawing the Figure in Perspective!
  8. Drawing The Human Head!
  9. Composition!
  10. Draw Your Own Comic Book Page! 
  11. The Comic Book Cover!
  12. The Art of Inking!
  13. Credits! 
I am not sure if I am within rights to put these videos up. No, but as long as they are available on YouTube I figured there’s no harm in linking to them right? 
Cheers to Stan Lee and all the ones with a charmed pencil 🙂