a new mobile

It’s Dec 2010, I’ve got a new mobile.
Being a mid-range-dual-touch-android-eclair-upgradable-to-froyo it’s not a big deal but quite a mouthful nevertheless. It’s also slick and I really like it. Making the first call on it (In front of Haiko, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai) reminded me…

It’s been seven years since.
I am fatter than I was, my hair unusually gray, I am as un-presentable as always and it still felt good buying stuff for myself.

The mobile may be working finally, but now, the car is broken, the house needs repairs, the cooking gas cylinder is nearly empty, my feet hurt and I need exercise. There are more promises to keep than there ever were. Like always, some will be kept and others will just end up as my character flaws. Life is moving on, I need to follow suit.

Wherever this goes, there will always be a promise that I’ll strive to keep. Promise!