The writer of such plays as ‘चूंती टोंटी’, ‘महकता नलका’, ‘काँच की बगल’ and ‘मटकी का तोपची’ died accidentally and fatally in an accident today.

Taking note of this event, a bill was passed in the parliament, commissioning this day as a national holiday called “Thank God! day”. Noted parliamentarians noted that the significance of such a holiday symbolizes our commitment to free speech, even if it comes at the cost of celebrating such authors.

Tomorrow being a Saturday, people are gearing up for a long weekend in the wake of this unexpected holiday. Youngsters across the nation are praising the author for his timely demise. Is it not said that “the true value of an artist is only known after he is gone”?

The postmodernist expert playwright who wrote the great play ‘दरिन्दे का दिल’ and it’s even-better-sequel [sic], ‘दिल का दरिन्दा’ said “यह सब क़िस्मत का खेल है. I am writing a blog post about it. Also you can follow me on twitter and like my page on Facebook.” Touché!

Amidst all this tension a group of French linguists from New Delhi have expressed their intense interest in the study of Hindi in Hindi plays and consequently in the works of the deceased. Fortunately and miraculously all of them are vampires and thus have nothing to loose anyway. We will write a blog post about it.

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