Never start with the weather

Never start with the weather, they told him.

Still, each time he sat down to write a story, all he could think of starting with was winds and thunder and rain in the moonlit night.

They said it was a cliché.

He said he didn’t care!

If you know the rules, you can break ’em! They said that rules were there for a reason.

He said rules were there so you wouldn’t make a mistake, when you were not doing what you were good at.

But you are not good at it! They said.

Not yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be better.

So follow the rules till that time! You cannot disrespect them!

No I don’t disrespect. I just do not subscribe to them. I detest. More than the rules, my freedom is what I want. Let me make mistakes, let me fall, let me graze my knees and break my back for one day I will stand tall. One day, I will be good enough to make the rules. And ironically you’ll not be able to say follow the rules then.

It’s your arrogance talking!

Or is it your arrogance that wants me to stop?…

न सताइश की तमन्ना न सिले की परवाह
गर ऩहीँ हैं मेरे अश्आर् में माने न सही
– मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब

सताइश: प्रशंसा, praise
सिला: पुरस्कार, मेहनताना, prize, wage
अश्आर्: शेर (बहुवचन), plural of couplet (couplets?)

[rough/literal]translation: “I do not desire the admiration or the pay, if what I say, means nothing [to you], so be it.” Mirza Ghalib.