the Temp-Sample

we start in the middle of nowhere and this is where it will
all end too. There is a light in the window of the house
that is in the middle of nowhere. A shadow appears in the

I have been sucking on stale donuts
all day. When will my misery end!!!

the house explodes! but the explosion cannot be seen from afar
as the the fog moves on! We see the hand of a man who walks up
to the remains of the house.

your misery ends when the monitor
is switched off and Alice walks
into the wonderland! GOOD BYE!

and that is how it ends…in the middle of no where.

I was trying a new scriptwriting service online and this is the temp-sample attempt I made while testing the features. Nope, not for me, I’d stick with Zhura for now… 🙂


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