The sound made by one

There’s a peculiar habit I have. Whenever I read , I can’t help writing down snatches of text that appeal to me. Not so much “quotable quotes” as “tasty text”. I have several diaries full of such text now. If you read them, they appear like notes of a larger story – a celestial shaggy dog if you may, wet, sloppy, in your face and completely cryptic.
Speaking of cryptic shaggy dogs, I am always in awe of the Illuminatus! trilogy. Almost every other paragraph is a “tasty text” and most are too long to quote. Lately a single line from the book inspired an entire story out of me. I will post the story here in some time. For now here is another “tasty text” from the book:

How do we know whether the universe is getting bigger or the objects in it are getting smaller? You can’t say that the universe is getting bigger in relation to anything outside it, because there isn’t any outside for it to relate to. There isn’t any outside. But if the universe doesn’t have any out-side, then it goes on forever. Yeah, but, its in-side doesn’t go on forever. How do you know it doesn’t shithead? You’re just playing with words, man.
– No I am not. The universe is the inside without an outside, the sound made by one.

…as I said…trippy!