A notable mention on #tweetcoding YAY!!!

post #twex I got really interesting in another experiment…

#tweetcoding was a kick ass code contest by Grant Skinner (thanks a lot @gskinner!)

prtcipnts hd 2 code sth. cool in ls thn 140 chrs!… and @machine501 setup an online compiler to showcase all the #tweetcoding going on… again thanks to @machine501 for making it so easy for me to follow it all up!
and now the results are out!!!

The Winners :
diagonal snake by @tomee6
Tunnel of Stripes by @piXelero (a personal favorite!)

The Runners-ups :
the drummer by @vectorcinco
Ghost Marquee by @dickwolf

Congratulations everyone! awesome work!!!

and there were some entries that got a Notable mention …and My entry was amongst them:
The time-sketch by @shauryashaurya
happy happy – Wooohooo!!!!

To all the judges of the contest, thanks so much! This was really encouraging! 🙂

take a look at the #tweetcoding winners page.

  1. Check out all of the #tweetcoding (compiled) entries online
  2. the #tweetcoding rules
  3. link to @gskinner’s blog post on #tweetcoding
  4. @gskinner says here that the next round should be in around next month: am eargely waiting!!!


P.S. #twex analysis is still pending (my apologies!!! – sum dum projkts @ wrk I need to fin firs.) but results should be out next month! stay tuned 🙂