alluvial deposits

WOW! I had like four stories to write and no time.
(can’t say how many times I have made this excuse, but I have still not figured a way to not give an excuse and get it done.)

The ideas came to my brain and left out the other way to mingle with the collective.
Like rivers rushing out to sea.
And now all I am left with are alluvial deposits…

These are real fertile, volatile deltas. There may be more stories germinating in these deposits, but they’d be closer to the sea and likelier to be washed away.

It may be this, there may be that, but the point in the mean time was – there was another January with a lot of stories in it, that never got told.

May the Gods accept the sacrifice (of these tales) and bless me with a better year ahead.

Stories giving birth to other stories, tales feeding tales…may the fabled ecosystems of imagination continue to thrive

🙂 🙂 🙂