God created Life.
God, being a being several levels above Life.

The Life was given the power to control everything.
Life was magical. Wizard.

Life understood (and could make good use of):

  • Gravity
  • Elector-magnetism
  • Strong Force
  • Time
  • Emotions

So whatever life would want, it would get, instantly.

If it wanted a car below it’s bum, it would not aim, and work and earn and yearn it.
If it wanted a car below it’s bum, it would already have the car below it’s bum.

If it wanted a golden lollipop while sitting in the comfy car, and cruise on a giant banana, it would already be doing so. Because that is all you can wish for, once you have magic and you have everything else that you can get from magic.

Life knew strong force, it could become any form it wanted and that is why it had no form.

Life was a mathematician, artist, linguist, computer programmer, film-maker all at the same time, and it did not need to be any of these at any time, since it understood (and could make great use of):

  • Gravity
  • Electro-magnetism
  • Strong Force
  • Time
  • Emotions

Life existed for less than an instant of an instant and got everything it wanted from that minute minute of time. Just before Life would end, it would create more Life, so that every instance of every instance would be alive.

Life did not need God, at least that is what Life thought (we all do, don’t we?).

God did need Life, for God needed to feel important (we all do, don’t we?).

So the situation got uncomfortable.

There was a tussle that lasted for an instance of an instance and after the longest brief periods, a truce came to be (that is all it takes for a truce).

Life: Life would de-evolve.
God: In return, Life would live longer.
Over-all: It would be livelier than it was now.

So, all Life went to the future, and God turned back time.

Life would live and spawn a parent.
The parent had lesser control (and understanding) of:

  • Gravity
  • Electro-magnetism
  • Strong Force
  • Time
  • Emotions

Over millions of billions of years, Life de-evolved, until it only understood (and could make good use of):

  • Gravity
  • Electro-magnetism

Since, it lost the strong force, it gained the first form.
It became a small single celled bacterium, living for a little more than an instant, living beneath the great seas.

And, then God let the time be.

The small single celled bacterium, over a few millon years has evolved into you.

And this is why most scientists cannot find the true origin of Life.

For Life did not come from before the bacterium, it came after it.

God is still a being being several levels above it all.

🙂 🙂 🙂


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