ideate regurgitate

These are ideas, (I find them to be cliches) that I must get out of my brain, to get it working smoothly again. Maybe they can (I am sure they can) become good stories once they get out.
If you do make something out of it, do let me know. If I and up making something out of these I’ll put it up here… 🙂

The 9th Hurry

Man named Hurry Prasad googles for his name.
Google points out 12 results.
He starts looking at them one by one.
Finds himself at #9. The link pointing to him is dead.
8 of the 12 men listed are dead too.
He decides to meet the other 4.
Then what?

I had read somewhere that you can connect to any other person in the world, and the chain would have at most five links (some hokey theory, I don’t remember the source… probably true… like monkeys typing Hamlet etc.)e.g. I know a friend, who knows another firend, whose brother’s wife’s uncle is the president. So I connected to the president in 5 steps.

Who knows where these 5 Hurrys would go?

but why Google?
why not the local telephone directory?
Google is global dude!

It’s probably just another cliche…probably better

The Real Reality

Unrelated Bunch of People (UBP) have issues in their lives.

“Can’t solve it” is a proposed reality show for a TV channel.
The production company is shooting the pilot.
Reality shows need live audience to sit and clap.
This show is very strange ( what is the strange ness???)
This is a Strange Reality Show (SRS).

Our UBP lands up at the “Can’t solve it” pilot.

The SRS really gives them a new perspective on life and on their issues.
You know, the old “finding yourself” plot, only done in the way love actually did love stories.

The UBP goes back home with a fresh insights on their nature and their issues.
Still, some “can’t solve it”, but some do.

The SRS really needs to be Strange and still be Real.
Plausible. SRS should not look made up, instead blend seamlessly into the story, add value to the story.

The Small Path

There is a small path I saw today.
I walked up it, it hel the promise of unseen explorations.
But, my view was blocked with a curtain of coconut trees.
Blah!!! Blah! Blah…

This is well aged cheese, Rich and inedible.
But, it could be so many stories… so many cliches…
It could BE!

nice brain release!