rediscovering Alasdair Gray

Hello Shaurya?
umm.. uh! hehllow…

Yes, yes, okay. We need clarifications on today’s events.

You do understand the gravity of the situation, right?
Yes, yes, sir, the gravity, the irony and the poetry of it, I understand it all…

Do not play words with us. Understood?

Right then we begin, where it starts.

One of your Favorite Authors?
Alasdair Gray.

Number of books written by this author?

How many of these have You read?

Ten Tales Tall and True.

Why not more?
Partly because his books are difficult to find.
Partly because the ones I found (Lanark, Book of Prefaces) were expensive.

What about the one you read?
It touched a vein. I connected to it. ______ fill this space with more clichés as possible to indicate that, the book rocked, and it rocked my world too.

After two years of:

  1. dog earing the pages of the book,
  2. trying (unsuccessfully) to write screenplays on ‘loss of golden silence’ and ‘homeward bound’ and ‘you’ and ‘fictional exits’ and ‘ten tales tall and true’
  3. how did he do it!!!
  4. hero worshiping the author,
  5. how did he do it!!!
  6. trying (unsuccessfully) to write screenplays on ‘loss of golden silence’ and ‘homeward bound’ and ‘you’ and ‘fictional exits’ and ‘ten tales tall and true’
  7. dog earing the pages of the book.

We do not appreciate your incoherent rant! Keep your emotions to yourself, just say the facts please. What happened?
I managed to loose it…the book I mean, I am sorry.

Hmmm… go on. How did you manage to do this?
I went to withdraw money from the ATM. I left two things there:

  1. The Book (Ten tales tall and true, Alasdair Gray)
  2. A Cheque-book (UTI Bank, Bombay)

Classic pathetic. So What Happened Next?
Irony, Gravity, Poetry.

Facts Please, It’s the last time we tell you this…

  1. I lost the book, but, found the author.
  2. Alasdair Gray writes a blog.
  3. He writes it on blogger,

like I said, poetry, gravity, irony, in no particular order.

P.S. I intend to block my chequebook and buy another copy of the same book, today. The old one was about 200 pages, 500 Rupees. A little more that 2 Rupees a page, too less for the great work, too much for my pocket.