The Aneristic Illusion – 04


Do you always speak so much?” Shank asked Sa.

That stopped his rant about what all he has studied about project Eagle.
It was 17th September, project Eagle kickoff meeting.

Shank, Somu, Sa, Prana, Surey and Shujit were sitting around a large table, the table sat in a large conference room. The conference room was named “Amazon” and sat in a large company called “Learning Learner’s learning”. The company sat in Mumbai. Mumbai in India, India on Earth, Earth in a Universe where everything had a purpose and nothing made sense…

Somu smiled.
Prana, Surey, Shujit continued sitting quietly.
Sa lowered his eyes into his notebook.
[So much for first impressions…]

First impressions first!” Shank leaned on the table.
Amused expressions on his face, hard flint in his eyes.

Hi everyone! I am Shank Abraham Milestogo…”

[I have heard about him, he is an ADM here, isn’t it?]

I am an ADM with the organization and I am…”

[my BOSS for project Eagle… Sigh!]

“… excited to be a member of this team, for a shiny new project called Eagle…”
[uh! “member of the team” ??? This is either very GOOD or very very BAD!!!]
[“technically” sound?]

“Owing to my profile, I am not too inclined towards matters of a technical nature…”
[BAD!!! I knew it! The same story again!]

“…but I feel that Eagle will be a challenging project…”
[see? BAD!]
[Why is Somu nodding his head???]
[STOP thinking to yourself Sa!]
[Pay attention to what he is saying…]

“… and therefore I am willing to learn.”
[uh!?!? LEARN? This could be GOOD…]
[no no.. false hope… why would he be any different…]

“… see challenges are a part of life, but what makes a difference, is our confidence in ourselves and…”
[Hah! This is a joke Shank… The guy before you stripped me bare of mine! I came here, a roaring lion, and look at me now – a sad, soggy eager-to-please-you puppy with my tail between my legs… No! Confidence is not the only thing that matters… what matters more is…]

“… our TRUST in each other… and in our TEAM.” Shank finished the last words slowly, as if, he meant every one of it.
[This could be GOOD!!!]
[first manager of my life who talks of TRUST!!!]
[Hope!!! Hope and goodness!!!]

Shank’s manner was calm, calculated, facts-at-face-value and the flint in his eyes glinted with honesty.

“So Sa! What IS Sa?” Shank’s eyebrow arched in question.

“Uh! It’s the first note of classical music…” Sa replied.
[but I like Hindi film music more you know… not that you’d want to know…probably…]

“Ooooh!” Shank’s onomatopoeia had a slight lilt to it …
“Acutally I like Hindi film songs a lot more!” the eyebrow relaxed, Shank smiled.

Sa looked up from his notebook…

And started smiling to himself.
[“It’ll be interesting, not only challenging, but cool too!” Somu had said…]
[This could be really GOOD!!!]

The kick off meeting was underway…