The Aneristic Illusion – 03

Somu Smile The Thought

Somu sat on his desk, tapping his fingernails on the mouse.
On his computer glowed an email that said “Eagle on 17th!”
For him Project Eagle was already on.

He had very little time, lesser budget, and too many challanges to score for this one. Challenges that were mostly vague, the kind that become “unforseen circumstances” later.
“So what’s new?” he was thinking. “Let’s just keep thinking, keep the smile on and even this will come to pass.”

“It’ll be interesting, not only challenging, but cool too!” Somu Smail L’penser, smiled.
Sa had just logged on to his computer.

The office had no cabins, just partitions, if you stood up, you could see everybody who was in. Everybody.

“…Aaand HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BARTHDAAY TOO YOUUU!” Hiru had asked people to sing for Sa.

Surprised and embarrassed, Sa stood up, simpered.
Somu came over smiling and shook his hand.

“So, how is Pablo shaping up?” he asked, over the din.
“There’s supposed to be a delivery today on that Pablo, the Project Manager said I may have to stay late…” Sa replied.

“Haaappy BaarrDay tuuu deaaaar Saaaaaa!…”

“Oh! okay! I wanted to tell you about this new project that we have – Eagle – it’s a complex one, little time, a lot of work” Somu said.
“So whats new?” Sa thought.

“…Haaappy BaarrDay …Haaappy BaarrDay …”

“It’ll be interesting, not only challenging, but cool too!” Somu continued

“Haaappeeee Baaaarrrrrt Daaaaaayyyy…..”

“you’ll be starting from the 17th of this month.”

“…twoooooo youuuuuuuuuu.” clap! clap! clap! clap!

“Okay.” Sa smiled a shrug and looking around, waved a small thank you to the happy birthday claps.

“Oh! and by the way!” Somu came back again, “what IS NEW this time, is that you’ll be working with