The Aneristic Illusion – 02

Star Wars Sa

The micro zero-theta focus field makes everything slow.
It makes laser shots so slow that they travelled slowly and…and… you could dodge them if they we aimed at you (AFTER they were fired obiviously).

Temptation was dodging several, while running on the liquid neon surface, there was no cover, she had to keep running, now and then tripping on her own shadow!
Tiny beads of sweat appeared around her full, pink, flower petal mouth…
[Temptation – heroine – describe delicious femenine body here – looking for Strength]
[Strength – hero – tall – muscles – eye gear – wrist watch he can talk into – looking for “a way out”]
[ S + T – met on the Alien Space Ship]
[…love and lust…]
[But the friendly, little aliens… were niether]
[…and so it is…]

[Uh! am I stealing?]
[Is it real enough?]
[Is it believable?]
[I shouldn’t steal,]
[but… will pipl like it???]

The reminder on the mobile phone started ringing.
Sa closed his pen, not even noon and another day wasted already.

He started getting dressed – wearing his shirt now.

For close to a month now Sa had been trying to write his SFF masterpiece.
– splashing cologne… Some Hair gel.

Each morning for all he could try – Sa would get nowhere in his story, and would inevitable get late for the office.
– Combing the hair
[another tuft gone gray]
[The pot belly is looking particularly hedious today!]
– Socks
[When will I loose weight…]
– Shoes
[… be a little more likable]
– wallet, satchel, keys
[wife depends on me]
– check all taps, switch off gadgets
[make her happy]
– lock door
[be this X]
– elevator
[be that Y]
– taxi
– office.
– reception desk.
[take a deep breath and get on with it!]
– the programmer’s bay, his desk in it.

It was September 1st, 2007.
Sa’s birthday.


2 thoughts on “The Aneristic Illusion – 02

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  1. This post, for some reason, reminded me of the song, ‘Save the Life of my Child’, by Paul Simon (or was it S&G, well same difference).

    I like the pace and the cuts!

    And here is a shot at fame for you. Try This

  2. Thank you so much for the comments Atul! Actually I was very apprehensive about the cuts… but looks like a lot of people have enjoyed them… I got a positive signal from Shashank too!

    And I must acknowledge the fact that you are probably the only one with the meaning of Aneristic Illusion!

    Thank you so much for the vote of confidence!

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