No Soap, In A Soup.

Three unpardonable months.
I had PROMISED myself atleast a story a month. I did not know that I’d ditch myself again so soon.
But, it was no soap, because, I was in a soup.
I fought quiet a fight, and finished quiet a project.
When I discuss it all with my Project Manager, Shashank, he says “You know what? To me it was all about self realization…”
Too true.
To me too Shashank.

And so, I wrote the story of “She”, the team, my team.
And I wrote the Story of “It”, the project, our project, Osprey.

but, hey, was “She” just the “She” I say “She” is? or Was “She” someone else?
I think “she” was me, and “she” could be you too…
and how is it that “It” became so?

It’s a long tale…it was a long project.
But, I promise to keep it as short as possible.
šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

(pssst…and don’t feel too heavy, it’s actually almost a comedy, hehe)