Beware! Scribble coming up.

What comes up next is another story that I wrote, in Delhi, about two years ago.
It was the most depressing, hateful and frustrating time of my life.

I dug this story out today, and typed it here.

It is not only hopless, it’s also hopelessly complex, if you are stupid that is.
(manic depression revisiting….)

I am not calling you stupid.
You just may not get it, in which case if you do not read it again, and give up, YOU WOULD BE STUPID! and I wouldn’t need to call you one!

It might be that you’d look for a plot, there’s one, but, just for need’s sake.
It might be that you may not look for anything else, but, let me prostitute my art (YES! ART) and tell you that there is a lot, if you read it slowly, like a poem.

All in all, I am very proud of the attempt.

It’s original, messy, and innovative, balls to anyone who disagrees.

So, here goes…

It (the story) is called “SOLUTION” which is the only word that does not appear in the entire story anywhere.

Hey! don’t feel so bad! Relax, smile, it’s acually a comedy! 🙂

Watch out for the next post!!!