One day, in the heat of a passionate argument, I threw my mobile.
It smashed, never worked again.

2 years ago, I had bought it with my first salary. The SIM had cost 180 rupees. I sat at the barissta opposite IIT Delhi and called home while having coffee and cakes.I promised myself ambition and dreams. I promised myself a new life. It was a little late in the evening, and there was a light rain, a little, just a drizzle.

The mobile was with me, in wet season and in loneliness. I’d put different ring tones in it and feel happy. I’d plan ahead and work towards my promises to myself.

As the mobile shattered, I realized, I didn’t have enough money to buy another one.
I was fat and didn’t feel so good.

How could I berate myself so? And just for a passionate argument?
I threw away all the promises to myself, were they so cheap?

But, I promised those promises again,
and, then some more,
and, bought another second hand defective mobile,
and, worked.

It’s been 2 years,
and, I am still a little fat,
but, it seems that I can afford another mobile,
and, a better one at that,
and, keep working on those promises.

No matter what mobile I use since, its always a little defective.
I guess, it tells me that there is a little promise, I made, to myself, that I should be keeping.


I wrote this story some time ago.
In retrospect, I do find this story lacking some values that I’d regard well. But I regard this story well, simply because It’s honest.